Mr. Phillip Da Silva is a Coastal Zone Management Specialist with over twenty (20) years’ experience. Mr. Da Silva’s academic qualifications include a Master of Science in Marine Resource and Environmental Management (Coastal Zone and Environmental Resources Management) from the University of West Indies, a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science and Resource Management (Environmental Management, Fisheries and Coastal Zone Management options) (pass with Distinction) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Guyana.

Mr. Da Silva comes from a background in biology, marine resources and environmental management with extensive experience in coastal zone management and flora and fauna surveys as part of the biodiversity reporting for environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and strategic environmental assessments (SEAs). Mr. Da Silva has been involved in several major initiatives in Guyana which include the preparation of Guyana’s Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan, National Mangrove Management Plan and Shorezone Management Programme, as well as training, awareness and capacity building of stakeholders on integrated coastal zone management. He has been part of the EMC team on several Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIAs).