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EMC is at the forefront of providing a wide range of technical and professional services to develop the agriculture sector in Guyana. These services range from high-level strategic and environmental assessments through to detailed planning and development. EMC provided environmental services and technical expertise for the Blue Wave Plantations Inc. Integrated Farm Project in Regions 6 & 10 and the Santa Fe Inc. Integrated Farm Project in Region 9. Currently, EMC is working with Standard Agroforestry Inc., an Integrated Farm Project in Region 10 to complete an Environmental Management Plan (EMP). 









Guyana has a potential to develop energy and EMC is a leading provider of environmental consultancy services to the energy sector. EMC is providing advice and services to a range of clients including Anadarko Petroleum Corporation for an Environmental Impact Studies for Roraima Block, offshore Guyana, CGX Resources Inc. for Environmental Monitoring of Eagle 1 well, and several fuel service stations around Guyana. 










EMC has established a reputation for providing concise and practical support to the Guyana Forestry Commission and Logging & Sawmill companies, such as Barama Company Limited. EMC conducted an Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study for Simon & Shock International Logging Inc. for logging and sawmilling operation in Upper Essequibo and prepared an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for Barama Company Limited for logging operations in Regions 1 &. EMC’s broad range of services includes provision of strategic environmental advice, such as assessments on forestry policies, road and infrastructure management and community forest management to confirm and develop environmentally sustainable credentials for various projects.  









EMC provides a wide range of environmental advise to support infrastructure developments such as roads, harbours, and ports. EMC provided support to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of Transport Infrastructure Initiatives (focus on IIRSA Corridors) in Guyana, the environmental assessment for the Berbice River Bridge and Guyana National Stadium among others.  









EMC is a leading consultancy within the bauxite mining and quarrying sector providing environmental advise and support to sector leading investments. EMC provides a full range of environmental services throughout the project life cycle from initial site assessment, detailed design, environmental impact assessment, and compliance monitoring, to final restoration and after use, including alternative after use development and enhanced residual development value. EMC has provided support to Linden Quarries Incorporated, Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI) and Guyana Industrial Minerals Inc. (GINMIN).


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